Feeling blue?

Today’s swim was brought to you by the colour blue and the number “lots”. Blue, as in blue jellyfish, one of the nastier jellies we have around here. And lots as in about 20 or 30 in my 1200m lap.
Here is an excerpt from the rather excellent website www.jellyfish.ie detailing the bugger.

20120514-101916 p.m..jpg

There was one up to 6 inches across, the rest were only a few inches, but thankfully they were all a good way down so posed no threat of stinging. Although I had to to do a hard right to avoid one, just spotted it in time.

So thankfully, I didn’t feel any blue at all today 😉

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5 Responses to Feeling blue?

  1. suzie dods says:

    They look NASTY!!

  2. Peainthepool says:

    I got one of these in the face on Saturday. Jerk got my mouth, neck, shoulder and arm. WHEN did they arrive?! Never met one before, hopefully it fecked off back to waterford.

    • There were a few over the last while, but nothing like the quantities yesterday. I reckon they were washed in by the strong winds on Sunday

      I do my best to avoid them, so haven’t been stung by one yet. Was it a bad sting? More or less than nettles?

  3. Peainthepool says:

    Like the aftermath of a smack with a cat-o-niine hundred-tails but only on the surface of the skin so not too bad. I think nettles last longer and are more irritating.

  4. lecummins says:

    I saw a good few of these around at the weekend too at Sandycove (there was one in particular hanging around across from the red house on Saturday, same place all day!). I don’t think that I’ve seen as many of them around there in other years-normally it’s just moons and compass jellies from my experience. One of them caught me on Saturday too, just my wrist though so it wasn’t bad, gone within maybe 15 minutes. They’re small at the moment though, hope their sting doesn’t get worse as they get bigger!

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