Summer Solstice

Seeing as this is as good as it gets, for daylight hours at least, it was worth getting in an early morning swim in Dunmore East. However any thoughts of a crisp clear morning were soon dashed. Driving out to the sea the rain started. Great…..

So, arrived and smelled the seaweed, not good. Must be a lot washed up, ergo rough. Yep, a nice maelstrom of waves, weed, sticks, grass, flotsam etc greeted us, Trevor and I. Lovely brown water too which means zero visibility.

20120621-070104 p.m..jpg

So a quick decision, in or not? We decided to go for it, a bit tricky getting in without being swept off the slip, water temp ok (13) and off we went , climbing and falling over the waves, chop and backwash.

We did a few laps over to the slip, listening to the mooring chains clinking underwater as we went.

We had to time the exit carefully, as the waves were still washing over the slip, but got out with no cuts or scrapes.

Job done.

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1 Response to Summer Solstice

  1. John says:

    You have more courage than I do..haha. There is no way I would have gone in in those conditions.

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