Thunderbirds are go !

I got the call from the pilot this morning to meet @ 2 am tomorrow. Probably in the water by 2:30. So finally, this is it. A big thank you to everyone who helped get me this far. Too many people to mention, but to everyone who swam with me, kayaked, crewed, supported, organized swims, made tea, brought cake and biscuits, gave lifts etc thank you for the support, I owe you all a debt I am more than willing, but unlikely to be able, to repay. It’s now up to me to finish the job.

If we can sort out the onboard IT, updates should be on twitter @soloswimmer, which should be echoed on Facebook.

Here is a link to the boat tracker, hopefully it’ll be on and working.

Here’s a pic taken this morning from the top of the white cliffs of Dover. France visible if you squint hard 🙂

20120807-094200 a.m..jpg

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3 Responses to Thunderbirds are go !

  1. oscar8211 says:

    Hope all goes ok Colm and hope that all those dragons have been put to bed.

  2. Sile says:

    Colm there is nothing to be said only go out there and swim with as much skill and passion as you do every time you get in the water….the rest will look after itself….Sile Simon Ruben

  3. Kevin says:

    Her’s another link to the support boat (Suva) :

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