Ice Mile Swim
Here’s a video taken at the recent Ice Mile swim in Lough Dan, Co. Wicklow.


24 Hour Swim
Here’s a video taken by Vanessa Daws at a 24 mile in 24 hour swim I took part in in April 2011. Inspired by 2 swim 4 life, the format is to swim 1 mile on the hour, every hour for 24 hours. Quite a challenge, particularly in the small hours of the morning.

I really like this, as its all taken underwater, and the music sets the tone. Well done Vanessa !

Swimmers featured include Jowita, Seb, Warren, Alan, Scott, Stephen, Donnacha and yours truly.

Lough Erne 2010 17K

The Lough Erne / Enniskillen 17K Irish Championship is one of the longer (if not the longest) swims on the Irish calendar. It’s a freshwater lake / river swim, so the water is less buoyant than sea water. This means your body lies a bit lower in the water, which makes it a bit harder on your shoulders as you have pull more of your body through the water. This is a clip of me about 200m from the finish. It doesn’t look it, but I’m actually sprinting here !


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